A lot of property owners prioritize energy efficiency, and when your household is attempting to save money on your electrical consumption and reduce your carbon footprint, then you might be rooting for your appliances to do it for you. Provided that a normal household does virtually 300 loads of laundry annually, there’s definitely room for improvement of your home’s laundry. If you wish to have a more efficient washer to save energy consumption, then here are the best tips to consider: 

White Front-load Clothes Washer and Dryers

Utilize a light hand with detergent 

Remember that the manufacturers of laundry detergents would require you to utilize more soap for you to purchase more of their soap. This would mean that the suggested amount is usually far more than you should use for you to clean your clothes. When you place excessive soap in the machine, it will need to work double-time to be effective. Hence, you should refrain from this trouble and utilize lesser soap quantity instead.  

Heavily soak your soiled clothes 

Cleaning heavily soiled clothes using your washer would take more energy and time to complete.  To prevent this issue, you need to presoak them in advance so that you don’t have to wash them twice or wash them as long in the machine.  

Never overwash 

While setting the length if your washer cycle, make sure to consider how soiled and dirty your clothes are. When you think they only require a light washing, then you don’t have to wash them as long as you usually do extremely dirty clothes.  

Do a full load 

Perhaps there’s a t-shirt that you wish to wear the next day or you want to do more frequent and smaller laundry loads. If you want energy-efficiency, then it would be best to choose larger laundry loads instead. The number of energy utilized during a small load in comparison to a large load is nearly similar. Hence, it would be best to wait until your laundry already has a full load before you start your machine.  

Choose for cold washing 

As much as possible, go for cold water to wash your clothes. It’s expected that nearly 90% of the required energy to make a washer operational goes into heating water. Several people are still believing misconceptions that they should use hot water for their clothes to be clean. However, nowadays, innovations in laundry detergents have incorporated washing magic that enables the clothes to be cleaned even using colder water temperatures. For the majority of clothes, you can utilize a cold-water detergent and a cold cycle to wash them. On the other hand, a hot cycle needs to be used for used cloth diapers, oil stains, and when somebody in your household is sick.  

Contact a professional washer repair company  

If you think your washer is not functioning well like it used to, there’s a possibility that you’re utilizing way more energy than you’re supposed to. If this is the case, then contact Appliance Repairs Sydney for more assistance.